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Texas authorities have joined those in other states in recognizing the severity and frequency of domestic violence. Lawmakers have established tougher laws, and police have become more proactive in making arrests. Authorities also aggressively prosecute those arrested on various assault charges.
At The Law Office of Tom Henderson in Houston, we aggressively defend individuals who face charges of assault and domestic assault.
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These cases most often involve one spouse assaulting another or a family member, or some sort of argument between two people who are involved in an intimate relationship. I understand the nuances that differentiate a true act of domestic violence from an argument that simply escalated. I am able to make these points clear in order to prevent a criminal conviction that can negatively impact the rest of your life.

Put 40 Years of Experience in Your Corner

I am attorney Thomas M. Henderson, and I have more than 30 years of experience practicing criminal defense law. I also obtained extensive experience prosecuting domestic violence and other criminal cases during my 13 years serving as assistant district attorney for the Harris County District Attorney's Office. As a result, I have a thorough understanding of how these cases develop and how much flexibility the state has in pursuing domestic abuse charges.
I defend clients who have been accused of a wide variety of domestic violence crimes, including:
  • Physical abuse and assault
  • Emotional abuse, including threats of violence
  • False imprisonment
Careful analysis of the evidence, combined with my thorough understanding of the rules of evidence, frequently allows me to get charges dismissed in these cases and avoid trial.

Get the Guidance You Need

If you have been charged with aggravated assault or any domestic violence offense, you need to take it seriously and act immediately in order to protect your long-term future. Call 713-552-1940 or email an experienced Houston domestic violence lawyer who will protect your rights.