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Experienced Defense Representation for You

If you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime in Houston or the surrounding area, you face aggressive prosecution. You need an equally aggressive defense attorney.
I am Thomas M. Henderson, an accomplished criminal defense attorney with the experience and knowledge to defend clients against a wide variety of drug-related charges in state and federal courts.
As a former special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I have a thorough understanding not only of how criminal investigations come together, but also of how they can be pulled apart. I am able to conduct investigations of my own, on behalf of my clients, interviewing witnesses, reviewing the evidence, and determining if law enforcement officials overstepped their authority and violated your constitutional rights.
In instances where police or other Texas authorities have confiscated drugs after an illegal stop or during an illegal search, I have been able to get the charges dismissed. It is important to work with a Houston drug crimes lawyer who is well-versed on search and seizure requirements.

I'm Passionate About Protecting Your Rights

I have helped individuals who have been charged with a variety of drug crimes. I offer a free consultation and can answer your questions regarding charges of drug possession, drug sales or prescription drug charges.
I have a proven record of producing positive outcomes in these cases through negotiations with prosecutors as well as going to trial.
While many lawyers tell clients and prospective clients what they think they want to hear, I am honest with those I work with, from the initial consultation through the resolution of the case. Ultimately, I will strive to minimize the impact that any criminal charges have on your life and will recommend the best means to accomplish that.

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If you have been arrested or merely questioned by authorities regarding possession of controlled substances, speak with an experienced Houston drug attorney before you answer further questions from police. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.